Redesigning a Popular Infographic

Anand Chauhan
2 min readOct 10, 2022


On July 2022, We saw the world’s shortest day, the earth took the quickest-ever spin with less than 1.59 milliseconds than the normal timings.

The concern is real and needed some serious attention, that’s why this topic was chosen by me.

The Tribune newspaper, published this infographic on their daily newspaper.

Infographic on Shortest Day on Record by Tribune

Why this infographic needed a redesign?

This infographic did a decent job to convey the message, but it was lacking some serious stuff like -

  1. The Aroma of space, and universe.
  2. Not targeting to the youth.
  3. Doesn’t have a particular design language.
  4. Poor Use of image.

The Process “Design”

I started to gather some inspirtation and got to know about the term Brutalism.

Brutalism in digital design is a style that intentionally attempts to look raw, haphazard, or unadorned.

by NNGroup

The Moodboard I made for inpircation purposes.

The Moodboard I Made

My Approch was to use the brutalism as a design language, but to keep the meaning of the infographic intact.

Typeface Selection

After vigrous exploration I seetled with the two typefaces —

  1. Mostest — For Title Purposes
Mostest — Typeface

2. BW-Stretch — For Heading Purposes

BW-Stretch — Typeface

3. Anonymous Pro — For Paragraphs

Anonymous Pro — Typeface

The Visuals

I chose the color “Red” to give a proper contrast and to show that this concern is real, since this is happening because of global warming, and the glaciers are melting.

The Final Result.

Final Output

Thanks for your time.

A Design by Anand Chauhan